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Titanium Plate For Heat Exchanger

Titanium Plate For Heat Exchanger

Plate heat exchanger titanium plates have advanced production equipment, professional design and manufacturing, many years of production experience, efficient production, energy saving and environmental protection, direct sales from manufacturers without intermediate prices, professional production, high quality and low price

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Titanium Plate for Heat Exchanger Product Introduction

The Titanium Plate for Heat Exchanger is a high-quality product manufactured by LINHUI Titanium, a professional manufacturer and supplier in the industry. With a large inventory and complete certification and testing reports, we provide OEM services and ensure fast delivery with secure packaging and support for testing.


Chemical CompositionMechanical Properties
  • Titanium (Ti): 99.6%

  • Iron (Fe): 0.25%

  • Oxygen (O): 0.15%

  • Carbon (C): 0.08%

  • Nitrogen (N): 0.03%

  • Tensile Strength: 540 MPa

  • Yield Strength: 450 MPa

  • Elongation: 25%

Product Features

  • High-quality titanium plate for superior heat transfer efficiency

  • Excellent corrosion resistance for extended product lifespan

  • Lightweight and high-strength

  • Wide operating temperature range

  • Good thermal conductivity


The Heat Exchangers Titanium is widely used in various industries, including:

  • Chemical industry

  • Petrochemical industry

  • Food and beverage industry

  • Pharmaceutical industry

  • Power plants

  • Desalination plants

OEM Services

We offer OEM services to meet customers' specific requirements. Whether it is custom sizing, packaging, or branding, we are committed to delivering tailored solutions.


1. Can the Titanium Plate for the Heat Exchanger be customized to different sizes?

Yes, we offer customization services to meet specific sizing requirements.

2. What is the delivery time for orders?

We ensure fast delivery, and the exact time depends on the order quantity and customization requirements.

3. Does the product come with certification and testing reports?

Yes, we provide complete certification and testing reports with our products.

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If you are considering purchasing your own Heat Exchangers Titanium, please feel free to contact us at linhui@lksteelpipe.com. We are here to assist you.

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