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ASTM B862 titanium tube

ASTM B861/2 GR.7 physical properties:
ASTM B861/2 GR.7 density 4.51g/cm3, grain size 3.0-7.0
ASTM B861/2 GR.7 mechanical properties:
Tensile strength: 270Mpa≥σb≤410Mpa, yield strength σb≥165Mpa: elongation: δ≥27%

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ASTM B862 Titanium Tube

Introduction of ASTM B862 titanium tube

ASTM B862 is a standard specification developed by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) that specifically pertains to titanium and titanium alloy welded pipes. More precisely, ASTM B862 addresses the production and quality requirements for titanium tubes that are created by welding, typically through methods such as fusion welding, electric resistance welding, or other suitable techniques.


Diameter RangeWall Thickness RangeLength
6mm - 600mm0.5mm - 15mmUp to 12 meters


The ASTM B862 titanium alloy tube complies with the following standards:

  • ASTM B862 - Standard Specification for Titanium and Titanium Alloy Welded Pipe

  • ASTM B338 - Standard Specification for Seamless and Welded Titanium and Titanium Alloy Tubes for Condensers and Heat Exchangers

Chemical Composition

Titanium (Ti)99.5% min
Iron (Fe)0.30% max
Oxygen (O)0.25% max
Carbon (C)0.10% max
Nitrogen (N)0.05% max
Other Elements0.40% max each, 0.80% max total

Mechanical Properties

Tensile StrengthUp to 690 MPa
Yield StrengthUp to 420 MPa
ElongationUp to 18%
HardnessUp to 330 HV


ASTM B862 titanium tubes are known for their brilliant consumption obstruction, high solidarity to weight proportion, and biocompatibility, making them reasonable for a large number of utilizations across different businesses. Here are a few extra subtleties on their applications in every one of the referenced businesses:

1. Chemical and Petrochemical Industry:

1)Titanium cylinders are utilized in heat exchangers, condensers, and lines to deal with forceful synthetic substances and destructive conditions.

2)They are fundamental for the development of synthetics, as they can endure openness to acids, antacids, and other destructive mixtures.

2. Aerospace Industry:

1)Titanium tubes are used in the construction of aircraft, spacecraft, and missiles due to their lightweight yet durable properties.

2)They are employed in critical components like airframes, landing gear, and hydraulic systems, contributing to fuel efficiency and structural integrity.

3. Medical Industry:

1)In the medical field, titanium tubes are used in the manufacture of surgical implants, such as hip and knee replacements, dental implants, and bone fixation devices.

2)Their biocompatibility and corrosion resistance make them ideal for direct contact with human tissues and fluids.

4. Marine Industry:

1)Titanium tubes find applications in marine environments due to their resistance to saltwater corrosion and durability.

2)They are used in various marine components like heat exchangers, seawater cooling systems, and underwater equipment.

5. Power Generation Industry:

1)In power generation, titanium tubes are employed in heat exchangers and condensers in both conventional power plants and nuclear reactors.

2)They resist corrosion and maintain efficiency in the transfer of heat, contributing to reliable power generation.

OEM Services

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LINHUI Titanium is a professional manufacturer and supplier of ASTM B862 titanium tube. We have a large inventory, complete certification and testing reports, and we provide OEM services. Our fast delivery and secure packaging ensure customer satisfaction. Contact us now for your titanium tube needs.

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