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Gr9 Titanium Alloy Metal Pipe Tube for Aerospace

Gr9 Titanium Alloy Metal Pipe Tube for Aerospace

Standard: ASTM B861 ASTM B338
Material: gr9 Titanium
Outer Diameter: 114.3mm
Length: 3m
Application: Aerospace and chemical industry

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Aerospace vehicles need to overcome gravity during operation and serve in complex environments such as high temperature and high speed. Therefore, the requirements for lightweight components in this field are very high. Gr9 Titanium Alloy Metal Pipe Tube for Aerospace has the advantages of high specific strength and low density, and can serve in room temperature to medium-high temperature environments. It is an important material for aerospace parts applications. Various frames, beams, wing panels, propeller hubs, etc. of aircraft/helicopters, fans/compressor stators, compressor casings, intermediate casings, etc. of active aero engines, aerospace containers, load-bearing structures, fastenings, etc. Parts, etc. are made of titanium alloy materials, which can be said to be widely used.


Product information

Product Name Gr9 Titanium Alloy Metal Pipe Tube for Aerospace
Standard ASTM B861 ASTM B338
Material gr9 Titanium
Outer Diameter 114.3mm
Length 3m
Application Aerospace and chemical industry
Technique Welded
Grade gr9 Titanium
Wall Thickness 3.34mm
Inside Diameter 110.96mm
Processing Service Bending, Welding, Cutting, Punching
Density 4.51g/cm3


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Yes, we can provide free samples, just pay the shipping cost by yourself.
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Once we receive the purchase order, we will attach a pro forma invoice with our bank information. Wire transfer is available.
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Yes, there are different discounts for different quantities.
How do you deal with quality complaints?
First of all, our quality control reduces quality problems to near zero. If the quality problem is caused by us, we will replace the Gr9 Titanium Alloy Metal Pipe Tube for Aerospace products or refund your loss for free.


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