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Medical titanium tube

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Introduction of Medical titanium tube

The medical titanium tube provided by LinHui Titanium is a high-quality product widely used in various medical applications. Our titanium tubes are known for their exceptional strength, lightweight nature, and corrosion resistance, making them ideal for medical instrument manufacturing and implantable devices.

Manufactured using advanced technology and superior-quality titanium, our medical titanium pipes meet the highest industry standards and are trusted by professionals worldwide.


Outer DiameterWall ThicknessLength
2mm - 150mm0.3mm - 10mmCustomizable


Our medical titanium pipe complies with the following standards:

  • ASTM F67

  • ASTM F136

  • ISO 5832-2

  • ISO 5832-3

Chemical Composition

ElementComposition (%)
Titanium (Ti)99.6
Iron (Fe)0.2
Oxygen (O)0.2
Carbon (C)0.08
Nitrogen (N)0.03

Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strength≥ 550 MPa
Yield Strength≥ 480 MPa
Elongation≥ 28%
Hardness≤ 90 HRB


Medical-grade titanium pipes, known for their biocompatibility and excellent properties, serve vital roles in various medical applications. Let's delve further into their significance in these specific areas:

1. Orthopedic Inserts:

Clinical titanium tubes are a major part of the assembling of muscular inserts, like hip and knee substitutions, bone plates, and spinal obsession gadgets. Titanium's biocompatibility and capacity to incorporate bone tissue make it a favored decision for these extraordinary clinical gadgets. These inserts give a solid and enduring answer for patients with harmed or deteriorated joints.

2. Dental Instruments:

Dental instruments produced using clinical titanium tubes are fundamental in different dental techniques. These instruments incorporate dental inserts, projections, and orthodontic gadgets. The biocompatibility of titanium guarantees that dental embeds and instruments can be securely utilized inside the oral depression. Their consumption obstruction and strength add to the life span and unwavering quality of dental strategies.

3. Cardiovascular Gadgets:

Titanium tubes are utilized in the manufacture of cardiovascular gadgets, for example, stents, pacemaker leads, and heart valve parts. The blend of biocompatibility and consumption obstruction is especially significant for gadgets that come into direct contact with blood and heart tissues. The utilization of clinical titanium guarantees the protected and powerful treatment of cardiovascular circumstances.

4. Medical Tubing:

Medical titanium tubes are employed for medical tubing applications, such as catheters and endoscopes. Their biocompatibility and resistance to corrosion are crucial for maintaining patient safety during medical procedures. These tubes play a pivotal role in delivering diagnostic and therapeutic solutions to patients with minimal risk of adverse reactions.

5. Surgical Instruments:

Careful instruments produced using clinical titanium tubes are utilized in a great many operations. They incorporate surgical blades, forceps, and needle holders, and that's just the beginning. The lightweight idea of titanium, alongside its solidarity and biocompatibility, makes these instruments agreeable for clinical experts to utilize, guaranteeing accuracy and dependability during medical procedures.

Notwithstanding the referenced applications, clinical titanium tubes additionally track down use in radiation treatment gadgets, spinal obsession frameworks, and different symptomatic gear. Their biocompatibility, non-reactivity, and protection from consumption make them a fundamental part of the headway of current clinical innovation.

All in all, clinical titanium tubes are irreplaceable in the clinical field, adding to the advancement of creative clinical gadgets and instruments that upgrade patient consideration, work on careful results, and guarantee the security and prosperity of people getting clinical medicines. Their remarkable properties make them a foundation of present-day medical care.

OEM Services

We offer OEM services to meet specific customer requirements. Our experienced team ensures that your medical-grade titanium pipe is manufactured precisely according to your specifications.


Q: Can the medical titanium alloy tube be sterilized?

A: Yes, it can be sterilized using standard sterilization methods such as autoclaving.

Q: Can the medical titanium alloy pipe be customized?

A: Yes, we provide customization services to meet specific customer requirements regarding dimensions, length, and surface finish.

Q: Do you provide testing and certification for the medical-grade titanium tube?

A: Yes, it undergoes rigorous testing to ensure compliance with industry standards. We provide certification and testing reports upon request.

If you are looking for a reliable supplier of medical titanium tubes, we are here to assist you.

Contact us at linhui@lksteelpipe.com for more information. We have a large inventory, complete certification reports, and offer fast delivery with secure packaging. We support testing and provide OEM services for your specific needs.

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