What are the factors affecting the price of titanium-shaped parts processing?

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The vast majority of customers are concerned about the first thing that is always the price of the product, the price is appropriate, only to see the quality of the product. Therefore, the price plays a decisive role in product sales. Then the price of titanium machined parts of the factors is roughly summarised in the following three points:

1, the cost of materials

Shaped parts processing customers often add titanium-shaped parts factory manufacturers have special requirements. Which material must be used, whether the raw material is in stock, if not in stock that orders raw materials will be a price, each requirement for manufacturers will increase the cost, customers tend to calculate the total account, that cheap to find which one.

2, process costs

Titanium-shaped parts processing customers on the material and process will be clearly specified requirements. Hardness to reach how much! Surface treatment using what process and so on. Especially the hardness, the general situation of titanium alloy hardness is about HRC = 38 ° or so, some customers require HRC must reach 45 °, as a manufacturer has to change the production process, and therefore the cost incurred by the customer is invisible.

3, processing costs

Products to this link have been on the lathe, processing titanium-shaped parts we use five-axis CNC machining centers because it is made to order so the number is limited, but all the production processes and mass production of the steps used are the same. As a manufacturer, of course, the larger the output, the smaller the cost. Ordering a small number, as titanium-shaped parts manufacturers may not make money!

Finally, to remind you of the price is to compare, far below the market price of the product do not buy. Choosing to cooperate with reputable titanium-shaped parts manufacturers is your guarantee.