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Niobium plate

Niobium plate

Product name: Niobium plate(
Brand: RO4200-1RO4210-2(
Implementation standard: GB/T14842-2007(
ASTM B392-98(
Application material: niobium alloy series

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Product name: Niobium plate

Brand: RO4200-1RO4210-2

Implementation standard: GB/T14842-2007

ASTM B392-98

Application material: niobium alloy series

Niobium is a chemical element. Chemical symbol Nb, atomic number 41, atomic weight 92.90638, belongs to the VB group of the periodic system. In 1801, the British C. Hatchett isolated a new element oxide from iron ore and named the element columbium (Chinese translation name). It is a gray-white metal with a melting point of 2468°C, a boiling point of 4742°C, and a density of 8.57 g/cubic centimeter. Nickel is a shiny gray metal that is paramagnetic and belongs to Group 5 of the periodic table of elements. High-purity silver metal has high ductility but will cause thermal neutron capture cross-section as the impurity content increases. CcRA has a very low capture cross-section, so it is of considerable use in the nuclear industry.


Mainly used as alloy additives for the production of printed alloys, brass (commonly known as navy copper, DZR copper rods for condensers, and copper. It can prevent dezincification when brass contains heavy amounts of arsenic

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