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ASTM B863 Titanium and Titanium Alloy Wire

ASTM B863 Titanium and Titanium Alloy Wire

Standard: ASTM B863
Grade: Grade 2, Grade 5, Grade 23
Type: Straight wire, Coiled wire
Titanium Wire for Glasses: Dia. 1.6-8.0mm, Tolerance: ±0.04mm

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ASTM B863 Titanium and Titanium Alloy Wire

ASTM B863 Standard Specification for Titanium and Titanium Alloy Wire. Titanium wire is usually straight and can be divided into acid-washed titanium wire and titanium bright wire. Titanium wire is generally used in machinery, medical, light industry, electronics, and other industries.

Standard: ASTM B863
Grade: Grade 2, Grade 5, Grade 23
Type: Straight wire, Coiled wire
Titanium Wire for Glasses: Dia. 1.6-8.0mm, Tolerance: ±0.04mm, Standard: ASTM B863
Titanium straight wire:
Dia. 1.6-5.0mm, Tolerance: H6, Standard: ASTM B348/ASTM B863/ASTM F136
Dia. 3.2-5.0mm, Tolerance: +0.01/-0.07mm, AWS A5.16, ASME SA5.16, AMS 4951, AMS 4954
Titanium wire for Winding Shaft
Dia. 0.8-1.0mm, Tolerance: +0.01/-0.03mm, Standard: AWS A5.16, ASME SA5.16, AMS 4951, AMS S4954
Dia. 1.0-1.6mm, Tolerance: +0.01/-0.04mm, Standard: AWS A5.16, ASME SA5.16, AMS 4951, AMS S4954
Surface Finish: Bright / Acid washed
Type: Titanium alloy wire, straight titanium wire, titanium wire for glasses, titanium Spools, special wire for hangers, titanium wire for medical.
Delivery condition: Annealed (M), hot working (R), cold working (Y) (annealing, Ultrasonic testing.).
Production technology and application:
Titanium wire is generally processed by rolling and stretching. It is mainly used in military, medical, sports products, glasses, fashion accessories, electroplating hangers, welding wire, and so on.


ASTM B863 Titanium and Titanium Alloy Wire is known for its excellent properties and versatile nature. These wires find a wide range of applications across various industries due to their unique characteristics. Here are some common applications of ASTM B863 Titanium and Titanium Wire:

1. Aerospace Industry:

Titanium wires are generally utilized in the aviation area for applications like airplane parts and clasps. Their high solidarity-to-weight proportion makes them ideal for lightweight primary components, and their consumption opposition is crucial for persevering through the requesting states of flight.

2. Medical Gadgets:

Titanium and titanium combination wires are urgent for assembling clinical gadgets and inserts. They are utilized in muscular inserts like bone plates, screws, and dental inserts because of their biocompatibility and capacity to coordinate with bone tissue.

3. Chemical Handling:

These wires are utilized in the development of substance-handling gear, including heat exchangers, reactors, and vessels. The erosion obstruction of titanium is fundamental in taking care of forceful synthetics and high-temperature conditions.

4. Automotive Industry:

Titanium wires find applications in the automotive sector, particularly in exhaust systems and components. Their lightweight nature, high-temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance contribute to improved fuel efficiency and longer-lasting exhaust systems.

5. Electronics and Electrical Industry:

Titanium wires are used for manufacturing electrical connectors and components. Their corrosion resistance and ability to maintain electrical conductivity make them suitable for electronic applications.

6. Marine Industry:

Titanium wires are employed in the marine sector for shipbuilding, offshore structures, and desalination plants. Their resistance to saltwater corrosion ensures the longevity and structural integrity of marine components.

7. Oil and Gas Industry:

In the oil and gas sector, titanium wires are utilized in a variety of applications, including pipelines and offshore equipment. Their resistance to corrosion from aggressive substances, such as saltwater and hydrocarbons, is essential for the industry.

8. Sporting Goods:

Titanium and titanium alloy wires are used in the manufacturing of sporting goods like golf club shafts, bicycle frames, tennis racket strings, and even lightweight hiking and camping equipment. The lightweight and high strength properties enhance the performance of these products.

9. Jewelry:

Titanium wires are sometimes used in jewelry design. Their lightweight nature, durability, and hypoallergenic properties make them an attractive choice for crafting modern and unique jewelry pieces.

10. Chemical Analysis and Research:

Titanium wires are used in various laboratory and research applications, especially when corrosion resistance is required for experiments involving corrosive substances or extreme conditions.

11. Architectural Applications:

Titanium wires can be used in architectural structures, particularly for creating unique and durable facades or features, thanks to their corrosion resistance and the ability to achieve different surface finishes.

12. Art and Sculpture:

Some artists and sculptors use titanium wires to create contemporary and unique art pieces. The lightweight, durable, and corrosion-resistant nature of titanium makes it an attractive material for artistic expression.

In summary, ASTM B863 Titanium and Titanium Alloy Wire are incredibly versatile and find applications in industries where their exceptional properties, such as corrosion resistance, lightweight strength, and biocompatibility, are highly valued. They contribute to advancements in technology, healthcare, and various other fields by providing reliable and durable solutions for a wide range of applications.


Available Colors: Black, Blue, Green, Red, Transparent Blue, White, Yellow
Imprint Area: 1.19" H x 1.44" W
Product Size: 0.125" H X 1.375" W X 2.188" L
Product Weight: 14 lbs
Packaging: 500 pieces
Material: PVC
Delivery time is based on the shipping method selected.


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