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GR2 Titanium exhaust pipe for automobile

GR2 Titanium exhaust pipe for automobile

Standard: ASTM B338br> Material: titanium GR1 GR2br> Outer Diameter: 76mm.etcbr> Length: 6000MMbr> Application: Industrialbr> Technique: Seamless

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GR2 Titanium exhaust pipe for automobiles has the characteristics of high strength, good corrosion resistance, high heat resistance, low density, and light weight. Generally, the density of titanium alloy is about 60% of that of steel, which means that it will be lighter than the latter under the same volume. Because of these characteristics, titanium alloys are used in high-tech fields, such as the aviation industry. As people's demands on cars are increasing day by day, people require them to be as light as possible in order to achieve faster speeds. Titanium alloy materials undoubtedly meet this demand. Titanium alloy has good corrosion resistance, and the working temperature of heat-resistant titanium alloy can reach about 800 degrees. Camus' titanium alloy exhaust pipe will gradually turn purple-blue as the vehicle travels. The beautiful blue-purple light emitted from the tail tip is more attractive, adding a stronger racing feel to the rear of the car. In addition, the GR2 Titanium exhaust pipe for automobiles is very thin, and the sound it makes is particularly crisp and clear.


Product information

product name GR2 Titanium exhaust pipe
Standard ASTM B338
Material titanium GR1 GR2
Outer Diameter 76mm. etc
Length 6000MM
Application Industrial
Technique Seamless
Grade GR1 GR2
Wall Thickness 1mm 1.2mm
Inside Diameter 55mm/64mm/67mm/74mm. etc
technique rolled
application industrial, automobile, etc.


►What tests do you do before delivery? 
Samples will be taken from raw materials to test chemical composition before production. After production is completed, we will take samples from the GR2 Titanium exhaust pipe for automobile products to test the physical properties. Then, the DPI test, ultrasonic test, and dimensional test are performed before delivery. Please see the pictures below for reference.

►What is the purchasing process?
When you find the exact product you are interested in, please contact us via email or other communication forms (such as Skype, or salesperson) for product details and delivery time. You can also leave us a message with your contact information. We will contact you with a quote within 24 hours.


What are our advantages?
1. Strictly control the quality of titanium raw materials and titanium products

2. High-quality service and after-sales, quick response to every question you have, and perfect after-sales service to protect you.

3. Customize products according to customer needs

4. Suitable GR2 Titanium exhaust pipe for automobiles price, suitable delivery time, and delivery deadline

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