Application of titanium tube heat exchanger in the field of petroleum accessories

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Why titanium is used in heat exchangers?

Under petroleum mechanical processing conditions, the following titanium equipment can be manufactured from titanium alloys: titanium heat exchangers, filters (settlers), storage tanks for storing oil and petroleum products, locking devices, sewage pipelines, and rough oil pipelines.

Some petrochemical companies and petroleum processing industries have experience in manufacturing and using titanium alloy equipment.

Titanium-lined vessels can be used for evaporation (concentration) or distillation or reactions in weak acids or other chloride-containing solutions and nitridation of organic materials with nitric acid and chemical reactions with other co-oxidizing media. The vessel used for the reaction may also be a vessel with a titanium lining. Solutions containing chromic acid and chromic acid solutions for vulcanization can use this titanium-lined container depending on the reaction temperature.

In a certain application range in the field of chemical raw materials industry, it has been confirmed that copper and other solutions containing gases are used to catalytically oxidize carbon chlorine compounds, and can be used as a catalyst when the pH value is determined. Then, when catalyzing at a temperature of about 150~200t, corresponding equipment must be set up, and acetaldehyde production equipment made of titanium is widely used. Titanium-lined towers, pipes, valves, and acid pumps with rotors and stators are all made from engineered pure titanium. Acetic acid purification often uses distillation columns, and most of the components included in the fractionation stage are made of titanium. Such as the middle layer and connectors of towers used in distillation units.

Does titanium transfer heat well?

The serpentine tube heater can prevent the formation of metal sulfates and has been tested to increase heat conduction by 30% compared with aluminized copper serpentine tube heaters. For the urea reactor, to obtain (recycle) carbon black and relieve stress, a reaction tower with a diameter of 43m and a length of 8.2m that can withstand a temperature of 120T and a pressure of 130kPa is used. The reaction tower must reduce the concentration of gas and other gases. Pressure, this device is made of titanium.

The application areas of titanium have further expanded to the crude oil and petroleum processing industries. Titanium is used in desalination equipment for producing fresh water drinking water from seawater or equipment for producing organic acids. At the same time, the pumps, conduits, and heat exchangers made of welded titanium tubes have been proven reliable and durable in practice. Titanium plates are used to make titanium seed plates for cathodes when copper is electrolyzed.