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zirconium tube

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Name: Zirconium tube

Brand: Zr1 Zr702 Zr705

Specifications: Various specifications can be customized and processed

Purity: 99.99%

Usage: Medical, chemical, metallurgy, aerospace, etc.

Note: Size can be customized according to needs

Zirconium is a highly reactive element that easily reacts with various gases in the atmosphere at high temperatures. It is corrosion-resistant and is used in petroleum, chemical, nuclear energy, and other industries. During zirconium welding, the weld and heat-affected zone are easily contaminated by oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, and other elements in the air, forming hard and brittle compounds and brittle needle-like structures, which increase the hardness and strength of the welded joint. The plasticity decreases and the corrosion resistance also decreases significantly. Therefore, during zirconium welding, the molten pool, weld seam, and heat-affected zone should be fully protected to completely isolate the air.

Zirconium materials are generally welded by tungsten inert gas-shielded welding. Other welding methods include electron beam welding, plasma arc welding, and resistance welding. Its welding performance is close to that of titanium metal welding. Due to the small thermal expansion coefficient and elastic modulus of the zirconium tube, the welding deformation and weld residual stress are relatively small. When free from contamination, welds are less prone to crystallization cracks and cold cracks. Zirconium generally reacts easily with the atmosphere at high temperatures. It begins to absorb oxygen at 200°C, hydrogen at 300°C, and nitrogen at 400°C. The higher the temperature, the more intense the reaction.

Another major problem with zirconium welding is that the weld is easily too softened, causing the weldment to move and the root bead to burn through. Therefore, when welding zirconium, the weldment should be properly fixed and double-sided welding should be used as much as possible. Except for titanium, niobium, silver, and vanadium, zirconium tubes cannot be directly welded to other metals.

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