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Ti6Al4V T3.0mm alloy titanium plate for bone fracture

Ti6Al4V T3.0mm alloy titanium plate for bone fracture

Standard: ASTM B 265
Length: Customized on demand
Width: 20-2000mm
Technique: Hot Rolled
Grade: GR2

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Metal materials for orthopedics mainly include titanium and titanium alloys, Ti6Al4V T3.0mm alloy titanium plate for bone fracture, medical stainless steel, and cobalt-chromium alloys. Among them, stainless steel and cobalt-chromium alloys commonly contain Ni, Cr, Co and other elements that are toxic to the human body. The elastic modulus of stainless steel is about 210GPa, that of cobalt-based alloys is about 240GPa, and that of human bones is about 20-30GPa, which inevitably results in stress shielding. The elastic modulus of some titanium alloys is 20-100GPa, which is similar to that of bone.


Product Information

Product Name Ti6Al4V T3.0mm alloy titanium plate for bone fracture
Standard ASTM B 265
Length Customized on demand
Width 20-2000mm
Technique Hot Rolled
Grade GR2
Ti (Min) 99%
Processing Service Bending, Welding, Decoiling, Cutting, Punching
Surface Acid wash,polished
Package Wooden Case


Titanium alloy properties

The main component of titanium alloy is Ti6Al4V, which is widely used in orthopedics due to its good properties. Structurally, bone is mainly composed of an outer layer of cortical bone and an inner layer of cancellous bone, with elastic moduli of approximately 0.5 GPa and 10 to 20 GPa respectively. The elastic modulus of dense titanium alloy is about 110GPa. After 3D printing, the elastic modulus of titanium alloy material is lower than that of ordinary titanium alloy, which is closer to the physiological structure of bone. Titanium alloy has good biocompatibility, is conducive to bone ingrowth and osseointegration, and is suitable for the preparation of orthopedic implants. Titanium alloy is not only rigid, but also has outstanding flexibility and good fatigue resistance. It is suitable as a joint support and can replace other metal materials. Titanium alloy is insoluble in strong acids and alkalis, has a high specific strength at 500°C, is non-toxic to the human body, has good chemical stability, and is suitable for implantation into the human body. Titanium alloy has good corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance and stability. Compared with other metal materials, its elastic modulus is closer to that of bone, making it suitable for use in orthopedics.


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