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Ti 99.6 Ti Gr1 Titanium Wire For Medical

Ti 99.6 Ti Gr1 Titanium Wire For Medical

Grade: Titanium
Ti (Min): 99.6%
Strength: 600
Size: can be customized
Melting point: 1942K

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Titanium wire, as an outstanding representative of titanium and titanium alloys, inherits many of its excellent properties. Ti 99.6 Ti Gr1 Titanium Wire For Medical is corrosion-resistant, high-strength, non-magnetic, has excellent biocompatibility, and low impedance to ultrasound waves. These characteristics make titanium wire show wide application value in many fields.


Product Information

Product name

Ti 99.6 Gr1 Titanium Wire For Medical

Grade Titanium
Ti (Min) 99.6%
Strength 600
Size can be customized
Melting point 1942K
Density 4.54g/cm³
Production process forging, rolling, cold drawing, hot drawing
Features Corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, low-temperature resistance
Surface pickled surface, polished surface
Applications Industry, chemical industry, pipelines, petroleum


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Our company has a complete range of Ti 99.6 Ti Gr1 Titanium Wire For Medical and titanium alloy material grades, and has a large number of ingots in stock all year round, with reliable quality and reasonable prices. Our company's products are widely used in petroleum instruments, ultrasonics, glasses, hot runners, vacuum coating, and other industries at home and abroad. We have complete production equipment and a strong technical force. The company actively explores overseas markets and has provided a large number of products and services to customers in India, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, and Europe. It has been well received by foreign customers. Our company is based on research and development Strive to be the leader, survive by quality, take "fairness, integrity, service first" as the core of development, and serve all new and old customers wholeheartedly.

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