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High Tensile Strength Straight Gr2 Grade5 3MM 0.4MM Pure Titanium Wire

High Tensile Strength Straight Gr2 Grade5 3MM 0.4MM Pure Titanium Wire

Grade: Gr2, Gr3,Gr4,Gr5 etc.
Technique: cold rolled
Ti (Min): 99.97%
Strength: 240mpa
Processing Service: Bending, Welding, Decoiling, Cutting, Punching

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At present, more than 80% of titanium and titanium alloy wires are used as welding wires, such as welding of various titanium equipment, welded pipes, repair welding of aviation jet engine turbine disks and blades, welding of casings, etc. At the same time, High Tensile Strength Straight Gr2 Grade5 3MM 0.4MM Pure Titanium Wire is a high-performance material that perfectly "inherits" the advantages of titanium and titanium alloys and is widely used in many fields.


Product Information

Product name High Tensile Strength Straight Gr2 Grade5 3MM 0.4MM Pure Titanium Wire
Grade Gr2, Gr3,Gr4,Gr5 etc.
Technique cold rolled
Ti (Min) 99.97%
Strength 240mpa
Processing Service Bending, Welding, Decoiling, Cutting, Punching
Size can be Cusomized
Application Welding, Industry, Medical, Aerospace, Electronic etc.


What are the properties of titanium alloy wire?

High strength and heat resistance: These properties of titanium alloy wire make it an ideal structural material in the aerospace sector, especially when manufacturing components for aircraft and spacecraft.
Good corrosion resistance: This makes titanium alloy wire very useful in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries as a filter for seawater, pure water and chemicals.
Superelasticity and shape memory effect: These properties allow titanium alloy wires to be used in the medical and health fields to make stents, catheter reinforcements, etc., as well as in sports and leisure products to make lightweight and high-performance tennis rackets and golf clubs.
Biocompatibility: This property of titanium alloy wire makes it very valuable in the manufacture of medical devices, such as dental crown fixation and cranial fixation implants.
Non-magnetic and low ultrasonic impedance: These properties allow titanium alloy wires to be used to make electrodes in the electroplating and water treatment industries.
Diversity of applications: Titanium alloy wire is not only used in traditional industrial fields, but also in the manufacture of consumer products such as satellite antennas and eyeglass frames due to its light weight and high performance.


Titanium wire production process

The preparation methods of High Tensile Strength Straight Gr2 Grade5 3MM 0.4MM Pure Titanium Wire mainly include drawing and additive manufacturing technology.

Drawing is to produce small-section metal wire by pulling the wire rod or wire blank out of the die hole under the action of drawing force. This process enables precise control of the filament's size and surface quality.
Additive manufacturing technology mainly involves a variety of 3D printing technologies, including selective laser sintering (SLS), selective laser melting (SLM), electron beam selective melting (EBSM) and electron beam fused filament deposition (EBF). )wait. EBSM technology has attracted attention due to its excellent mechanical properties and high fatigue performance.

Common types of titanium wire

Titanium alloy wire: such as GR5 Ti-6Al-4V, TC4, etc., with different alloy compositions and properties.
High-purity titanium wire: including TA1 and TA2 grades, with high purity and good corrosion resistance.
Titanium welding wire: used for welding titanium and titanium alloy materials, such as TA1 pure titanium welding wire. Titanium straight wire: including straight titanium wire of different diameters, used in various industrial applications.
Titanium wire: titanium wire rolled into a disc shape for easy storage and use. Titanium capillary wire: Smaller diameter, suitable for precision engineering and medical equipment.
Titanium glasses wire: used to make glasses frames, etc., the material is required to be lightweight and have good elasticity.
Titanium Ribbon: Flat titanium wire used in specific industrial applications.
Titanium wire rope: a rope-like material made of multiple titanium wires twisted together.
Corrosion-resistant titanium wire: It has excellent corrosion resistance and is suitable for chemical industry and seawater treatment.
Medical titanium wire: used in medical devices and implants, such as dental fixation wires.
Titanium-nickel alloy wire: has shape memory effect and is used for special applications.


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Our company's full name is "Xi'an Linhui Import and Export Co., Ltd. located in Xi'an, China. It is an enterprise specializing in the research, development, and production of titanium and titanium alloy materials. Its main products include titanium rods, titanium wires, titanium tubes, titanium standard parts, etc. products.
Our company has a complete range of Titanium Wire and titanium alloy material grades, and has a large number of ingots in stock all year round, with reliable quality and reasonable prices. Our company's High Tensile Strength Straight Gr2 Grade5 3MM 0.4MM Pure Titanium Wire products are widely used in petroleum instruments, ultrasonics, glasses, hot runners, vacuum coating, and other industries at home and abroad. We have complete production equipment and a strong technical force. The company actively explores overseas markets and has provided a large number of products and services to customers in India, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, and Europe. It has been well received by foreign customers. Our company is based on research and development Strive to be the leader, survive by quality, take "fairness, integrity, service first" as the core of development, and serve all new and old customers wholeheartedly.



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