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Familiar with titanium metal partners know, that is lightweight only half of the steel, strength, heat resistance, low-temperature performance and corrosion resistance, etc., about titanium, we have a variety of say, such as we are familiar with titanium gold, titanium alloy, pure titanium, so what is the difference between these three in the end? Next, listen to the editor to you one by one!

What is the difference between titanium gold prices, titanium alloy quotes, and pure titanium plates?



Titanium gold is titanium as the main component of the imitation gold material. Its texture is hard, lightweight, and can resist erosion. Generally, titanium is mainly used in the engineering and aerospace industries.

Titanium, also known as space metal, has futuristic qualities, is tough, corrosion-resistant, silver-bright, does not turn black, is non-allergic to anyone, and is the only metal that does not have any effect on human vegetative nerves. Its unique silver-gray tone whether highly polished, silk, or matte has a good performance, in addition to gold, and silver, the most suitable jewelry materials, the market is commonly known as titanium.


Titanium Alloy
Titanium alloy refers to titanium as the basis for the addition of other reinforcing elements composed of alloy materials, through strict control of the appropriate impurity content and the addition of alloying elements to obtain higher strength, corrosion resistance, and resistance to high-temperature performance.

Impurities in titanium and its mechanical properties have a great impact, especially oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, and other elements can greatly improve the strength of titanium, but plasticity will be reduced, titanium alloys have good mechanical properties. At present, titanium alloy is the most widely used titanium metal material, in aviation materials, oil mining, food, and sports, medical field have a wide range of applications.


Pure Titanium

Pure titanium because the processing performance is better than the alloy, so some of the material forming performance requirements of high products are based on pure titanium, such as pots and pans, bowls, cups, pots, and other stretch molding products.

Pure titanium is made from higher-purity titanium ore through multiple refining processes. Due to the high manufacturing cost, pure titanium is relatively expensive.

Titanium alloys, on the other hand, are alloys made by mixing titanium with other metals. Compared to pure titanium, titanium alloys are cheaper to manufacture and therefore relatively less expensive. However, the mechanical properties of titanium alloy are more excellent than pure titanium, which can be widely used in aviation, automobile, medicine, and other fields.


What is the price difference between pure titanium and titanium alloy?

Calculated in kilograms, the general price of pure titanium is more than 200 dollars. The price of titanium alloy, on the other hand, varies depending on its alloy composition and processing technology, generally ranging from $150 to $2,000.