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Wholesale Hot Rolled F136 titanium sheet price per kg

Wholesale Hot Rolled F136 titanium sheet price per kg

Standard: ASTM B 265
Length: 1000-6000mm
Width: 400-3000mm
Technique: Hot Rolled
Ti (Min): 99.66%

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A Titanium plate is a metal plate made of titanium as raw material. Wholesale Hot Rolled F136 titanium sheet price per kg is a very special metal. It is very light in texture, but very tough and corrosion-resistant. It will not turn black like silver and will remain stable for life at room temperature. The color itself. The melting point of titanium is similar to that of platinum, and it is widely used in metallurgy, electronics, medical, chemical, petroleum, medicine, aerospace, and other industries.


Characteristics of titanium plates
It is only half the weight of steel and has high strength, strong heat resistance, low-temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance. It is called the "metal of the future". Pure titanium has plasticity, and the elongation of high-purity titanium can reach 50-60%. However, the strength and hardness of pure titanium are lower than those of titanium alloys. Titanium alloys are achieved by strictly controlling the appropriate impurity content and adding alloy elements. The impurities in titanium have a great impact on its mechanical properties. In particular, elements such as oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon can greatly improve the strength of titanium, but the plasticity Will reduce the good mechanical properties of titanium alloy. Wholesale Hot Rolled F136 titanium sheet price per kg and their alloys not only have very important applications in the aviation and aerospace industries, but are also increasingly used in many industrial and consumer products such as chemical industry, petroleum, metallurgy, power generation, tableware, watches, and jewelry.


Product Information

Product Name F136 titanium sheet
Standard ASTM B 265
Length 1000-6000mm
Width 400-3000mm
Technique Hot Rolled
Ti (Min) 99.66%
Material GR1/GR2/GR3/GR5/GR7/GR9/GR12
Density 4.51g/cm3
Process Rolling
Processing Service Bending, Welding, Decoiling, Cutting, Punching
Application Metallurgy, electronics, medical, chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, aerospace and other industries.


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