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Where are titanium wires and titanium alloy wires used?

Titanium and titanium alloy materials as the best metal materials, with a series of other metal materials with incomparable excellent performance, In recent years the development of rapid, and has been quickly and widely used in the aerospace military and other high-tech fields. The United States, Russia, Japan, China, and other countries around the world have attached great importance to the research and development of titanium alloys, and continue to develop new titanium alloy materials, expanding the application of titanium and titanium alloys. Due to the deepening of the research and the increase of product series, many titanium products, such as titanium wire, etc., have been increasingly entered into the field of various civil consumer goods.


Titanium can be divided into pure titanium and titanium alloys according to whether it contains alloying elements or not, and titanium alloys can be divided into α-titanium alloys and nearly α-type alloys, (α+β)-type alloys, nearly β-type alloys, and β-type alloys according to their compositions and different room temperature organizations. Titanium and titanium alloys according to different properties and can be prepared for different requirements of the wire. Titanium and titanium alloy wire material is generally hard state (Y) and annealed state (M).


Titanium and titanium alloy due to good corrosion resistance, high specific strength, non-magnetic, high biocompatibility, low impedance to ultrasound, high coefficient of sound transmission, hydrogen storage, and better shape memory function and a series of important value of excellent characteristics, thus in aerospace, petrochemical, medical and health care, automotive, construction, as well as sports and leisure goods in a number of fields such as the creation of an important use.

Titanium and titanium alloy wire as a titanium series of an important species, no matter from the production, specifications, and applications now have made great progress. The general sense of titanium and titanium alloy wire refers to the titanium products supplied in the form of discs, but also in the form of straight wire supply, In terms of diameter size, rod and wire are not strictly divided into countries also differ. And in recent years, due to its continuous development, there is a growing variety, which provides more choices in high-performance industrial supplies and consumer applications.