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Titanium Alloy Grade 7 pipe

Titanium Alloy Grade 7 pipe

Good welding performance: Grade 7 titanium alloy has good processing, forming and welding properties.
Since Grade 7 titanium alloy adds a small amount of the precious metal Pd to pure titanium, the alloy has excellent corrosion resistance to acidic media.

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Product Overview-Titanium Alloy Grade 7 Pipe

The Titanium Alloy Grade 7 Pipe offered by linHui Titanium is a high-quality, durable, and corrosion-resistant pipe designed to meet the specific needs of various industries. It is made from premium-grade titanium alloy, ensuring exceptional performance in demanding environments.

With LINHUI Titanium as the manufacturer and supplier, you can expect a large inventory, comprehensive certification and testing reports, fast delivery, tight packaging, and support for customization of the titanium alloy Gr.7 according to your specific requirements.


Product NameTitanium Alloy Grade 7 tube
MaterialTitanium Alloy Grade 7
StandardASTM B861/B861M, ASTM B338/B338M
Chemical Composition
Titanium (Ti)Min. 99.6%
Iron (Fe)Max. 0.30%
Oxygen (O)Max. 0.25%
Carbon (C)Max. 0.08%
Nitrogen (N)-
Hydrogen (H)-
Mechanical Properties
Tensile StrengthMin. 345 MPa
Yield StrengthMin. 275 MPa
ElongationMin. 20%
Reduction of AreaMin. 30%


The titanium  Gr.7 tube, known for its specific properties and corrosion resistance, finds extensive applications in various industries, some of which are outlined below:

1. Chemical Processing:

Grade 7 titanium alloy pipes are a crucial component in the chemical processing industry. They are used to transport and handle corrosive chemicals and substances. Their exceptional resistance to a wide range of aggressive chemicals makes them indispensable in the construction of chemical reactors, storage tanks, and pipelines, contributing to the safety and efficiency of chemical manufacturing processes.

2. Marine Engineering:

In marine engineering, where equipment is continuously exposed to the harsh and corrosive conditions of seawater, Grade 7 titanium alloy pipes serve as a reliable solution. They are used in the construction of ship components, offshore platforms, and desalination plants. The resistance to saltwater corrosion ensures the longevity and structural integrity of marine structures.

3. Heat Exchangers:

Titanium Amalgam Grade 7 lines are generally utilized in the assembling of intensity exchangers. These gadgets are utilized in different enterprises, including power age and compound handling, to move heat between liquids. Grade 7's consumption opposition and capacity to endure high temperatures make it ideal for these applications, adding to the productivity and unwavering quality of intensity trade processes.

4. Petrochemicals:

The petrochemical business depends intensely on Level 7 titanium combination pipes for the development of compound plants, treatment facilities, and pipelines. Their protection from many synthetics and capacity to keep up with their primary trustworthiness under high tensions and temperatures are crucial for the security and proficiency of petrochemical tasks.

5. Power Age:

The power age area benefits from the utilization of Grade 7 titanium compound lines, especially in applications including heat exchangers, condensers, and funneling frameworks. Their protection from erosion and capacity to endure high temperatures are fundamental for keeping up with the proficiency and dependability of force-age offices, guaranteeing a ceaseless stockpile of power.

In rundown, the Titanium Combination Grade 7 Line is a solid and flexible material that assumes an urgent part in different modern applications. Its extraordinary consumption obstruction, particularly in forceful conditions, and its ability to endure high temperatures, make it important in enterprises where security, sturdiness, and proficiency are fundamental. Whether in synthetic handling, marine designing, heat exchangers, petrochemicals, or power age, Grade 7 titanium compound lines contribute fundamentally to the headway and manageability of basic modern cycles.

OEM Services

LINHUI Titanium provides OEM services for Titanium Alloy Grade 7 Pipe, allowing you to customize the product according to your specific requirements. Our experienced team will work closely with you to deliver high-quality pipes that meet your exact specifications.


Q: Can the Titanium Alloy Gr.7 Pipe withstand high temperatures?

A: Yes, it has excellent heat resistance and can withstand high temperatures.

Q: Is the Titanium  Grade 7 Pipe corrosion-resistant?

A: Yes, it is highly corrosion-resistant, making it suitable for various environments.

Q: What certifications are available for the Titanium  Grade 7 Pipe?

A: The Gr7 titanium alloy pipe is certified to ASTM B861/B861M and ASTM B338/B338M standards.

If you are looking for a reliable supplier of titanium pipe, contact LINHUI Titanium today at linhui@lksteelpipe.com. We offer a large inventory, comprehensive certification and testing reports, rapid delivery, and impeccable packaging. Reach out to us now to discuss your Titanium Alloy Grade 7 Pipe requirements.

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