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zirconium plate

zirconium plate

Main zirconium products: metal zirconium, zirconium target, 702 zirconium plate, zirconium sheet, zirconium ribbon, zirconium foil, zirconium plate target
Polished zirconium plate, cold rolled plate, zirconium rod, 702 zirconium rod, zirconium, zirconium round, zirconium round target, zirconium wire
Zirconium tube, zirconium capillary tube, zirconium ring, zirconium tube target, zirconium cup, zirconium yard, zirconium forgings, industrial zirconium
Zirconium nuts, zirconium standard parts, zirconium processed parts, zirconium flanges and zirconium alloys, etc.

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Product parameters of zirconium plate and zirconium alloy plate:

Brand: R60702, R60704, R60705, Zr1

Standard: ASTM B551, GB/T21183-2007

Specifications: thickness 0.1mm-100mm, width 500mm-1200mm

Length 1000mm-3000mm

Process: hot rolling, cold rolling, pickling, shearing

Construction period: Customized zirconium alloy plates will be delivered within 10-15 days

Packaging: Packed in wooden boxes with plastic partitions

What are the uses of zirconium plates?

Zirconium plate cutting and retail, zirconium plate processing and customization. Zirconium plate has amazing corrosion resistance, extremely high melting point, ultra-high hardness and strength, etc. It is widely used in aerospace, military industry, nuclear reaction, and atomic energy fields. Zirconium can absorb a large amount of oxygen, hydrogen, ammonia, and other gases when heated, and is an ideal getter. For example, zirconium powder is used as a degassing agent in electronic tubes, and zirconium wire and zirconium sheets are used as grid brackets, anode brackets, etc.

Powdered iron mixed with zirconium nitrate can be used as flash powder. Zirconium metal is almost exclusively used as cladding for uranium fuel elements in nuclear reactors. It is also used to make photographic flash lamps, as well as corrosion-resistant containers and pipes, especially hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid. Zirconium plate chemicals can be used as cross-linking agents for polymers.

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