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Gr1 titanium plate

Gr1 titanium plate

High-quality titanium plate titanium alloy plate
Precision interface, high pressure explosion-proof, hard and wear-resistant, high-temperature resistance
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GR1 titanium plate is a pure plate, one of the most common titanium alloys and the easiest to obtain, it has good impactability, weldability, and processability. GR1 boards are usually produced by the ASTM B265 standard. The following are some requirements of the ASTM B265 standard for GR1 boards:

1. Chemical composition requirements:

Minimum iron content: 99.5%

Maximum content: 0.03% oxygen, 0.08% carbon, 0.015% nitrogen, 0.20% iron, 0.10% hydrogen

2. Mechanical performance requirements:

Yield strength (0.2% offset): ≥240 MPa

Tensile strength: ≥345 MPa

Elongation: ≥24%

3. Dimensions and surface requirements:

Thickness range:003mm-40mm

Width range:1000mm-3000mm

Length range:1000mm-6000mm

Surface treatment: usually smooth or calendered

To sum up, GR1 titanium plate is a titanium alloy material with high purity, excellent mechanical properties, and processability, and is suitable for applications in various fields, such as aerospace, chemical industry, medical equipment, etc.

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