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Commercially Pure Titanium UNS R50700

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Titanium Grade 4 ASTM Grade 4, UNS R50700, CP titanium, C.P. titanium alloy is a type of commercially pure grade which has the highest strength among all pure unalloyed Titanium grades with high oxygen and extra high strength properties. It combines excellent corrosion resistance with good formability and weldability. C.P Titanium Grade 4 is mainly used in chemical process equipment as well as marine and airframe applications.

Chemical Composition:

Component   Wt. %
CMax 0.1
FeMax 0.5
HMax 0.015
NMax 0.05
OMax 0.4


Physical PropertiesMetric
Density4.51 g/cc

Mechanical Properties:

Hardness, Brinell265265
Hardness, Knoop215215
Hardness, Rockwell B100100
Hardness, Rockwell B2323
Hardness, Rockwell C2323
Hardness, Vickers280280
Tensile Strength, Ultimate550 MPa79800 psi
Tensile Strength, Yield480 – 552 MPa69600 – 80100 psi
Elongation at Break15%15%
Reduction of Area30%30%

Product Form:

AMS 4901 – Sheet, strip, plate
AMS 4921 – Bar
AMS-T-9046B – Sheet, strip, plate
AMS-T-9047A CP70 – Bar

ASTM B265 – Gr4 Sheet, plate
ASTM B337 – Gr4 Pipe (withdrawn)
ASTM B338 – Gr4 heat exchanger tube
ASTM B348 – Gr4 bar
ASTM B367 – Gr4 castings
ASTM B381 – Gr4 forgings
ASTM F67 – Gr4 Surgical Implant
ASTM F467 – Gr4 nuts
ASTM F468 – Gr4 bolts

Airframe components
Cryogenic vessels
Heat exchangers
CPI equipment
Condenser tubing
Pickling baskets.
Aircraft structural honeycomb
Aircraft skin
Heat exchanger parts
Implantable battery cathodes/connectors
Stamped or etched fabrications

Shipping & Delivery

Packing & Shipping

1. Accept the request/customized packing

2. Normally, goods will packed in poly bags, drawstring bags, carrying bags, and cartons

3. For the sample, we will use TNT, Fedex, UPS, DHL, etc to ship it,

4. For bulk, it depends on the qty, by air, by train or by sea are all available.

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