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Titanium Alloy Ti6Al7Nb

Titanium Alloy Ti6Al7Nb

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Titanium Alloy Ti6Al7Nb (UNS R56700) is a dedicated, medium-strength alloy for surgical implants. it is a 6% aluminum and 7% niobium containing alpha-beta phase Ti-Alloy. It has higher corrosion resistance and tolerance due to the added advantageous mechanical properties in relation to Ti-6Al-4V alloys. Ti6Al7nb alloy was developed specifically for the manufacture of femoral component items for hip prostheses. 

The metallurgy of Ti-6Al-7Nb Alloy is closely analogous to Ti6Al4V but biocompatibility is improved with the replacement of vanadium with niobium.

Ti6-Al-7Nb Density:

Physical PropertiesMetric
Density4.52 g/cc

Ti6Al7Nb Alloy Chemical Composition:

Aluminium, Al5.5 – 6.5 %
Carbon, C<= 0.080 %
Hydrogen, H<= 0.0090 %
Iron, Fe<= 0.25 %
Niobium, Nb (Columbium, Cb)6.5 – 7.5 %
Nitrogen, N<= 0.050 %
Other, each<= 0.10 %
Other, total<= 0.40 %
Oxygen, O<= 0.20 %
Tantalum, Ta<= 0.50 %
Titanium, Ti84.5 – 88 %

Titanium Alloy Ti6Al7Nb Wire Mechanical Properties:

Mechanical PropertiesMetric
Tensile Strength, Ultimate1000 MPa
Tensile Strength, Yield900 MPa
Elongation at Break>= 10 %
Reduction of Area35%

Ti6Al7Nb Alloy has high biocompatibility. The oxides from Ti-6Al-7Nb are saturated in the body and are not transported in vivo or are a bioburden. The alloy will not create adverse tissue tolerance reactions and creates fewer giant cell nuclei. Besides, Ti-6Al-7Nb shows high compatibility with ingrowth in the human body.

UNS R56700 Product Forms:
Annealed Bar, Rod, and Wire: ASTM F1295 Ti6Al7Nb Bar
Annealed Bar and Wire: ISO 5832-11 Ti6Al7Nb Wire

Failed hard tissue, artificial hip joints, artificial knee joints, bone plates, screws for fracture fixation, cardiac valve prostheses, pacemakers, and artificial hearts.
Dental application
Aircraft materials

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