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High Quality Titanium Wire for sale

High Quality Titanium Wire for sale

Standard: ASTM B348
Diameter: 0.1-6.0mm or as required
Grade: Gr1, Gr2
Ti (Min): 99.5%
Strength: 280
Processing Service: Bending, Welding, Decoiling, Cutting, Punching

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Titanium wire is characterized by light weight, high strength, metallic luster, and good corrosion resistance. Due to its stable chemical properties, High-Quality Titanium Wire for sale has good resistance to high temperature, low temperature, strong acid, and strong alkali, as well as high strength and low density. It is called "space metal", "smart metal", "biological metal" and "omnipotent metal".


Product Information

Product name High-Quality Titanium Wire for sale
Standard ASTM B348
Diameter 0.1-6.0mm or as required
Grade Gr1, Gr2
Ti (Min) 99.5%
Strength 280
Processing Service Bending, Welding, Decoiling, Cutting, Punching
Surface Polishing, picking, acid washed, black oxide
Wire Gauge 0.1-6.0mm
Surface Color Bright or black
Inspection third party inspection
Application Industry Machine


The main uses of titanium wire: welding wire, production of springs, rivets, etc. Widely used in aviation, marine, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and other fields.

1. Welding wire
At present, more than 80% of High-Quality Titanium Wire for sale, and titanium alloy wires are used as welding wires. For example, welding of various titanium equipment, welded pipes, repair welding of aviation jet engine turbine disks and blades, welding of casings, etc.

2. Due to its excellent corrosion resistance, titanium is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, papermaking and other industries. For example, Tianjin Chemical Plant uses 3.2mm pure titanium wire to prepare a filter.

3. Titanium and titanium alloy wires are used to manufacture fasteners, load-bearing components, springs, etc. due to their good overall properties. For example, Xi'an High Pressure Valve Factory uses TC4 wire to make valve compression springs.

4. Medical and health industry
Titanium and titanium alloy wires are used to manufacture medical devices, dental crown fixation, skull fixation, etc.

5. Some titanium alloys are used to make satellite antennas and shoulder pads for clothes because of their shape memory function.

6. Electroplating and water treatment industry
Titanium and titanium alloy wires are used to make various electrodes.


Company Profile

LINKUN TITANIUM was founded in 2000, headquartered in Xi’an, China, the hometown of our President Mr. Xi Jinping, and the starting point of the new and old “Belt and Road”, as a leading Manufacturer and Supplier of High-Quality Titanium Wire for sale and Titanium Alloys, LINKUN TITANIUM has been insisting on creating value for customers, always adhering to the development strategy of “supplying high-end products, establishing world-renowned enterprise” to provide global customers with superior quality products and high-quality services. Through the resource integration of a variety of metal materials, LINKUN TITANIUM has become one of the biggest TITANIUM PRODUCTS SUPERMARKETS and can provide lots of quality grades to our customers


Our certificates and testing

We have successively acquired the Manufacturing License of Special Equipment of China; TUV Nord AD2000-W0 certification; PED 2014/68/EU certification, CCS, ABS, DNV, BV, BSI, LLOYD'S, GL certification, ISO 9001:2015 QMS Certificate, OHSAS 18001:2007 Certificate, ISO 14001:2015 Certificate, and approved by third-party inspection agencies, such as DNV, BV, SGS, Moody's, TUV, ABS, LR, GL, PED, RINA, KR, NKK, AIB-VINEOTTE, CEIL, VELOSO, CCSI, etc.

If you have any requirements, please contact our High-Quality Titanium Wire for sale manufacturer, Welcome your consultation at any time!

 ISO 14001:2015 Certificate
 ISO 14001:2015 Certificates


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