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AMS 4928 Ti6Al4V Bar And Wire

AMS 4928 Ti6Al4V Bar And Wire

1. Grade: Ti6Al4V
2. Diameter: 1 – 152.4mm
3. Form: Bar & Wire

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AMS 4928 Titanium Alloy Bars, Wire, Forgings, Rings, and Drawn Shapes 6Al – 4V Annealed (Composition similar to UNS R56400)

1.1 Form

This specification covers a titanium alloy in the form of bars, wire, forgings, flash welded rings, drawn shapes up through 6.000 inches (152.40 mm) inclusive in diameter or least distance between parallel sides, and stock of any size for forging or flash welded rings.

1.2 Application

These products have been used typically for parts requiring moderate strength with a maximum service temperature in the 750 to 900 °F (399 to 510 °C) range depending on time at temperature where the product is to be used in the annealed condition, but usage is not limited to such applications.

3.1 Composition

Shall conform to the percentages by weight shown in Table 1; carbon shall be determined in accordance with ASTM E1941, hydrogen in accordance with ASTM E1447, oxygen and nitrogen in accordance with ASTM E1409, and other elements in accordance with ASTM E539 or ASTM E2371. Other analytical methods may be used if acceptable to the purchaser.


3.3 Condition

The product shall be supplied under the following conditions:

3.3.1 Bars

Hot finished with or without subsequent cold reduction, annealed, and descaled. Unless prohibited by the purchaser, bars may be solution heat-treated before annealing. A machined or ground surface is permitted unless prohibited by the purchaser.

Alloy shall be multiple melted. The product shall be processed to the final thickness/diameter by metallurgical working operations prior to any straightening, dimensional sizing, or surface finishing operations. Bar shall not cut from plate.

3.3.2 Wire

Cold drawn, annealed, and descaled.

3.4 Heat Treatment

Bars, wire, forgings, and flash welded rings shall be heat treated as follows; pyrometry shall be in accordance with AMS2750.

3.4.1 Solution Heat Treatment

When solution heat treatment is used, heat to a temperature within the range 50 to 150 °F (28 to 83 °C) degrees below the beta transit, hold at the selected temperature within ±25 °F (±14 °C) for a time commensurate with section thickness and the heating equipment and procedure used, and cool at a rate equivalent to an air cool or faster.

3.4.2 Annealing

Heat to a temperature within the range 1300 to 1450 °F (704 to 788 °C), held at the selected temperature within ±25 °F (±14 °C) for not less than 1 hour, and cool as required.

3.5 Properties

The product shall conform to the following requirements and shall also meet the requirements of after being heated to any temperature up to 1250 °F (677 °C), held at heat for 20 minutes ± 3, cooled in air, and descaled:

3.5.1 Bars, Wire, Forgings, and Flash Welded Rings

Product, 6 inches (152 mm) and under in nominal diameter or least distance between parallel sides, shall have the following properties: Tensile Properties

Shall be as specified in Table 2, determined in accordance with ASTM E 8 / E 8M on specimens as in with the rate of strain set at 0.005 inch/inch/minute (0.005 mm/mm/minute) and maintained within a tolerance of

±0.002 inch/inch/minute (0.002 mm/mm/minute) through the 0.2% offset yield strain.


Shipping & Delivery

Packing & Shipping

1.Accept the request/customized packing

2.Normally, goods will packed by poly bag, drawstring bag, carrying bag and carton

3.For sample, we will use TNT, Fedex, UPS, DHL, etc to ship it,

4.For bulk, it depends on the qty, by air, by train or by sea are all available.

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