What is the solution treatment of titanium alloy material?

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Solution treatment and aging is a strengthening heat treatment for titanium alloys to obtain a combination of high strength and good plasticity.

Solution treatment is the process of heating, holding, and rapidly cooling titanium and titanium alloy materials to room temperature, in order to achieve rapid cooling, the quenching method must be used, sometimes also called quenching.

There are two ways of solid solution treatment, namely solid solution treatment and a + solid solution treatment. Solid solution treatment of titanium alloys is 30 to 100 ℃ above the transformation temperature, holding 10 to 30 min, air cooling or water quenching, mainly for sub-stable alloys. a + solid solution treatment is 30~60℃ below the transformation temperature, holding 30~120min, water quenching or oil quenching, mainly for near-α and a+3 alloys. The Combined process with a solid solution in the first step and aging in the second step and in a tandem manner. This is a combined strengthening treatment process in which the two affect each other. Therefore, when determining the process selection, it is necessary to take into account the alloy composition, phase change point, original organization before heat treatment, and heat treatment equipment.