What are the precautions for seam defects when welding titanium tubes?

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Titanium pipe welding seam defects are due to titanium pipe welding, because the argon arc welding gun formed by the argon gas maintenance layer can only maintain a good weld pool from the harmful effects of air and has solidified and in the high-temperature state near the weld and its nearby area is not protected, and in this state of titanium pipe welding seam and its nearby area still has a strong ability to absorb nitrogen and oxygen from the air.

When welding titanium tubes, porosity is a major problem often encountered. The root cause of porosity formation is the effect of hydrogen. The main process measures to prevent the generation of porosity are

1. Select the appropriate welding process parameters, and welding specifications, increase the deep pool residence time use to facilitate the escape of bubbles, can effectively reduce porosity.

2. Welding under the protection of high-purity argon gas, argon gas purity should not be less than 99.99%

3. Thoroughly remove the titanium tube, titanium plate, and titanium plate eye surface of the oxidation skin oil and other organic matter. Can be cleaned with chemical and mechanical methods.

4. Apply good gas protection to the molten pool, and control the flow of argon and flow rate to prevent turbulence, affecting the protection effect.

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