Typical titanium alloy, Ti6Al4V, the noble of materials

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Ti6Al4V is the most common and most widely used titanium alloy. Ti6Al4V has high strength and good forming properties, and it can reach a strength of over 1000 MPa.

The α+β biaxial organization has better-forming properties, mainly attributed to the fact that the β phase in it is easier to form at the deformation temperature. vanadium, a stabilizing element for the β phase, allows the presence of the β phase in the alloy at room temperature conditions. This increases the room temperature strength on the one hand and improves the forming properties at specific temperatures on the other.

During the recrystallization of this titanium alloy Ti6Al4V, both phases are chemically stable. al can cause solid solution strengthening, but the TiAl precipitated phases produced during aging can act as precipitation strengthening, which is very important. The dissolution temperature of these precipitated phases is 550ºC, and the conventional final aging temperature is 500ºC for 2-24 hours.

Typical impurity element content: O, 0.2; N, 0.04; H, 0.015; Cu, 0.35-1.0; Fe, 0.35-1.0 (wt.%). The density of the alloy is 4.54 g/cm3.