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Gr3 titanium rod

Gr3 titanium rod

High-quality titanium alloy round rod
Precision interface, high pressure explosion-proof, hard and wear-resistant, good heat resistance
Factory direct sales, large quantity discounts

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Gr3 titanium rod is a high-strength, corrosion-resistant metal material made of pure titanium. Gr3 titanium rod has excellent mechanical properties and chemical properties and is widely used in aerospace, medical equipment, chemical industry, marine engineering, automobiles, sporting goods, and other fields.

Gr3 titanium rods are lighter than other alloys but can withstand greater loads. It has a high degree of corrosion resistance and will not be damaged even in harsh environments such as acid, alkali, and salt water. This makes it ideal for manufacturing facilities in critical industries such as marine engineering, power plant equipment, oil, and gas.

properties and characteristics:

1. High intensity. Gr3 titanium rod has excellent mechanical properties and is stronger than ordinary steel.

2. Corrosion resistant. Gr3 titanium rod has extremely strong corrosion resistance and can still maintain good performance in harsh environments such as strong acids and strong alkalis.

3. Lightweight. Gr3 titanium rod is a lightweight material, much lighter than traditional metal materials such as copper, nickel, and steel, and its weight is only about half of steel.

4. Easy to process. Gr3 titanium rods can easily perform various machining operations such as drilling, turning, grinding, etc.


1. Diameter range: 0.5mm-300mm

2. Length range: 100mm-12000mm

3. Surface condition: polished surface, matt surface, black surface, glossy surface

4. Material state: solid solution state, aging state, cold working state, various states

Gr3 titanium rod has great application potential and is an indispensable and important material in modern manufacturing. Its application scope is still expanding. We believe that in the future development, Gr3 titanium rod will become a more widespread and important material, creating a better future for mankind.

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