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Titanium coil

Titanium coiled plate, 15 years of industry experience, direct sales at factory price, complete specifications of plates, rods, tubes, plates, welding materials, flanges, elbows, tees, etc.

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Titanium Coil Product Introduction

The Titanium coil, made by LINHUI Titanium, is a top-notch item explicitly intended for different modern applications. Produced using premium-grade titanium, it offers extraordinary solidness, erosion opposition, and intensity obstruction.

With cutting-edge creation offices and severe quality control measures, LINHUI Titanium guarantees that each loop fulfills the most elevated industry guidelines. We have a huge stock of this item prepared for sure-fire conveyance to meet your particular necessities.


Chemical CompositionMechanical Properties
Titanium (Ti): 99.5% min
     Iron (Fe): 0.3% max
     Oxygen (O): 0.25% max
     Carbon (C): 0.08% max
     Nitrogen (N): 0.03% max
     Hydrogen (H): 0.015% max
Tensile Strength: 345 MPa
     Yield Strength: 275 MPa
     Elongation: 20% min


The Titanium Strip Coil has a wide range of applications in various industries, including:

  • Aerospace

  • Chemical Processing

  • Marine

  • Medical

  • Petroleum

  • Powder Production

OEM Service

LINHUI Titanium provides OEM services to meet the specific needs and requirements of our customers. Whether you require customized dimensions, surface finishes, or packaging, our experienced team can assist you in creating the perfect Titanium Strip Coil solution for your application.


Q: What is the thickness range of the coil?
A: The thickness range of the coil is typically between 0.1mm to 5mm.

Q: Can you provide test certificates for the product?
A: Yes, we provide comprehensive test certificates that include chemical composition, mechanical properties, and other relevant specifications.

Q: How fast can you deliver the product?
A: We have a large inventory of this product, ready for immediate dispatch. We can deliver the products within a short lead time, depending on your location.

For further inquiries and orders, please contact us at linhui@lksteelpipe.com.

We at LINHUI Titanium are committed to delivering high-quality Titanium Strips, Foils and coils with excellent customer service.

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