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GR4 titanium tube

Supply GR4 titanium rods Linhui Titanium supplies various imported and domestic pure titanium rods, pure titanium plates, pure titanium wire/wire, pure titanium rods, pure titanium tubes, titanium alloy plates, titanium alloy rods and other materials

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Introduction of GR4 Titanium Tube

GR4 titanium tube is a high-quality titanium product manufactured and supplied by LINHUI Titanium. It is widely used in various industries due to its excellent mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, and lightweight nature. Our GR4 titanium pipe undergoes rigorous testing and certification to ensure its superior quality and reliability.


Outer DiameterWall ThicknessLength
6mm - 500mm0.5mm - 50mmCustomizable

Chemical Composition

Titanium (Ti)99.5% Min
Iron (Fe)0.30% Max
Oxygen (O)0.25% Max
Carbon (C)0.08% Max
Nitrogen (N)0.05% Max

Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strength≥ 550 MPa
Yield Strength≥ 483 MPa
Elongation≥ 15%
Reduction of Area≥ 30%
Hardness≤ 95 HRB


The application of GR4 titanium pipes in various fields reflects its excellent performance and versatility. Its applications in the aerospace industry, chemical industry, marine industry, medical equipment, and sports equipment are described in detail below:

1. Aerospace Industry:

Titanium pipe Gr4 plays an important role in the aerospace industry because of its lightweight, high strength, and excellent corrosion resistance. This material is commonly used in aircraft structures, engine parts, steam systems, and fuel tanks. Because aerospace applications have very high weight and performance requirements, it can help reduce the overall weight of aircraft, improve fuel efficiency, and provide superior durability.

2. Chemical Industry:

In the substance business, GR4 titanium pipes are broadly used to deal with destructive synthetics and high-temperature media. It is utilized in the assembling of synthetic hardware, pipelines, capacity tanks, and intensity exchangers in light of the fact that its erosion obstruction keeps up with the long-haul strength of the framework and decreases support costs.

3. Marine Industry:

It's utilized in the marine business to fabricate ships, seaward stages, and marine investigation gear. Because of the destructive idea of seawater, the erosion opposition of titanium pipes is vital. GR4 titanium alloy tubes keep up with their presentation after some time in marine conditions and are hence generally utilized in these applications.

4. Medical Hardware:

In the clinical field, it's utilized in the production of careful apparatuses, dental instruments, inserts, and clinical oxygen frameworks. Its sterile properties, biocompatibility, and high strength make it ideal for clinical gadget fabricating.

5. Athletic gear:

It's likewise used to fabricate different athletic gear, for example, top-of-the-line bike outlines, golf clubs, tennis rackets, ski posts, and so on. In these applications, the lightweight strength of GR4 titanium tubing makes athletic gear more solid and lighter, assisting with further developing competitor execution.

Overall, the versatility of titanium pipe GR4 allows them to respond to specific needs in different areas, thus playing an important role in industry and manufacturing. Its high corrosion resistance, strength, and lightweight nature make it one of the preferred materials in various fields.

OEM Services

We provide OEM services for GR4 titanium alloy tubes, allowing you to customize the product according to your specific requirements. Our team of experts will work closely with you to ensure that the final product meets your expectations.


Q: What is the maximum length that can be supplied?

A: The length of the titanium Gr4 pipes can be customized according to your needs.

Q: Can you provide test reports for your products?

A: Yes, we provide comprehensive certification and testing reports for our GR4 titanium tube, ensuring its quality and conformity to industry standards.

Q: How fast is your delivery?

A: We have a large inventory of titanium Gr4 pipes, allowing us to deliver orders promptly.


LINHUI Titanium is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of titanium tubes. With a large inventory, complete certification and testing reports, fast delivery, and support for OEM services, we are the ideal choice for your GR4 titanium tube needs. Contact us at linhui@lksteelpipe.com to discuss your requirements today.

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