What are the benefits of titanium alloy exhaust?

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What are the benefits of titanium alloy exhaust?


I believe this problem may not be solved even for users who have already modified the titanium alloy exhaust. Titanium alloy first appeared in 1954 with the Ti-6Al-4V alloy developed by the United States. The purpose of titanium alloy being first developed was not to be used in automobiles, but mainly for aerospace and military purposes. The biggest advantage of titanium alloy is Due to its excellent physical properties such as good heat resistance, strength, and rigidity, it has quickly become a hot commodity in military-industrial systems.


Although it is expensive, military equipment puts cost considerations in an extremely secondary position. At this stage, titanium alloys are mainly Applied to structural parts. Later, titanium alloys that could specifically withstand high heat became available, and military aircraft also entered the jet age. Turbofan blades made of titanium alloys came in handy. Even more, by the end of the 1970s, the former Soviet Union began to use titanium alloy steel. The pressure-resistant submarine shell pushed the diving depth of their attack nuclear submarine to 1,000 meters in one fell swoop (normal HY100 steel plates are only 300 meters). Of course, the material of the titanium alloy exhaust pipe we will introduce today cannot be compared with military products. The reason why this expensive raw material is chosen is mainly because of its light weight and excellent thermal conductivity.




Since titanium alloy has so many seemingly "high-end" advantages, and many of its mechanical properties are very suitable for automobile use, why not promote it? There is only one answer: cost! Titanium alloy is very good, but the high cost is simply not affordable for ordinary cars. For example, if a Toyota 86 is made entirely of titanium alloy screws, titanium alloy exhaust, titanium alloy chassis, etc., how much do you think it should be sold for? However, the original car is reluctant to use it, so it is suitable for the modification market that is not too sensitive to price. Therefore, titanium alloy exhaust products began to become increasingly popular in the early years. In the car modification market, some Japanese niche brands were the first to use titanium alloy as raw material to make exhaust pipes. However, due to constraints such as price, production technology level, corresponding models, and circulation scope, not many people know about it.


As we all know, the physical properties of most titanium alloy pipes determine that they cannot be easily bent, especially titanium alloy exhaust pipes that have very high requirements on the direction of the pipeline. It is really inappropriate to describe it as "nine bends and eighteen bends" However, if the pipe cannot be placed on the pipe bending machine for precise positioning and bending, it will cause interference and become a waste product.