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Which is better, titanium and stainless steel, what is the difference between titanium and stainless steel?

Titanium alloy and stainless steel which is good? Titanium alloy and stainless steel have their own merits. 1, if the

Knowledge about titanium forging!

Titanium forging before forging preparation? The operator should first look at the equipment operation record before production, and test run

Factors affecting the service life of titanium alloy rods!

The fatigue and fracture properties of titanium alloy rods occupy a very important position in determining the service life of

Why do you like to use titanium for eyeglass frames nowadays?

Titanium, an ultra-lightweight metal element, symbol Ti, titanium metal is used in the eyeglasses industry mainly for its lightweight, elasticity,

The welding process of titanium alloy

Titanium and titanium alloys are engineering structural materials with a series of excellent properties such as low density, high strength,

Large titanium alloy junction welding processing technology

The projection area of a large overall titanium alloy frame can reach 4~5m2, and it is usually a reinforced frame

The advantages of titanium alloy materials in the production of military hulls

Titanium and titanium alloys are mainly used in submarines, deep submersibles, and other ships to cope with the occasion of

Titanium alloy precision machining in some methods

As we all know, in the aerospace industry in precision machining for the material requirements is very high, of course,

What is the solution treatment of titanium alloy material?

Solution treatment and aging is a strengthening heat treatment for titanium alloys to obtain a combination of high strength and

Titanium alloy, the metal bone implanted in the body

Due to social progress and technological development, the market share of biomaterials has been increasing and is still growing at

Typical titanium alloy, Ti6Al4V, the noble of materials

Ti6Al4V is the most common and most widely used titanium alloy. Ti6Al4V has high strength and good forming properties, and

What is the difference between seamless titanium tubes and welded titanium tubes?

Titanium tubes are divided into two categories: seamless titanium tubes and titanium welded tubes: 1, titanium seamless pipe material has