Precautions for installation, use, and welding of titanium tubes!

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Introduce titanium pipe in the installation, use, welding, transportation, and maintenance precautions.

First, titanium alloy pipe, elbow, should be made for regular inspection, keep the surface clean, remove dirt, flush storage in the indoor airy place, and do not stack or open storage.

Second, titanium alloy pipe elbow ball valves, stop valves, and gate valves, when used, only for fully open or fully closed, are not allowed to do to regulate the flow rate, to prevent sealing surface erosion, or accelerated wear.

Third, the gate valve and the upper threaded stop valve inside the inverted sealing equipment, handwheel screwed to the upper head surface to ensure that it will not rust, will not fall. Keep the storage of titanium alloy pipe, titanium elbow, titanium size head, titanium tee, and other titanium pipe fittings need to be dry and air-permeable environment, keep the pipe and pipe fittings surface clean and neat, in accordance with the requirements of accurate storage.

Titanium pipe, titanium pipe fittings installation, transportation precautions:

1, titanium and titanium alloy pipe installation titanium and titanium alloy pipe transportation and deposit titanium pipe manufacturers should pay attention to not in contact with ferrous materials, or collision.

2, titanium and titanium alloy pipe cutting should be mechanical methods, and cutting speed should be low speed is appropriate; titanium pipe with grinding wheel cutting or grinding, should use a special grinding wheel sheet; shall not use flame cutting. Beveling should be processed by mechanical methods.

3, titanium alloy welded pipe welding should be used inert gas shielded welding or vacuum welding, can not be used oxygen-acetylene welding or carbon dioxide gas shielded welding, and shall not be used ordinary manual arc welding.

4, titanium and titanium alloy pipe installation shall not use ferrous tools and materials knocking and extrusion; in carbon steel supports, hangers and titanium and titanium alloy pipe should be padded between the rubber plate or soft plastic plate, so that it does not come into direct contact with titanium and titanium alloy pipe; titanium and titanium alloy pipeline through the wall and through the floor should be added to the casing, and its gap should not be less than 10mm, and fill in the insulating material, the insulating material should not contain ferrous impurities.

5, titanium and titanium alloy pipes should not be directly welded connections with other metal pipes. When it is necessary to connect, can be used to connect the live flange. The use of non-metallic gaskets are generally rubber gaskets or plastic gaskets, and should control the chlorine ion content shall not exceed 25ppm.