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Titanium fittings solve the problem of pipe corrosion in industrial applications!

In recent years, my market has appeared in the standardized production of titanium fittings, which is also a revolution in

What are the advantages of titanium tubing?

Titanium tubing is a new metal material that has completely replaced traditional iron and steel tubing in some ways. So

Precautions for installation, use, and welding of titanium tubes!

Introduce titanium pipe in the installation, use, welding, transportation, and maintenance precautions. First, titanium alloy pipe, elbow, should be made

The density of titanium and its vibration-damping function are introduced!

The density of titanium and its vibration-damping function are summarized below: 1. Low density, high specific strength: the density of

Precautions related to the hot working of titanium flanges

Thermal processing, mainly forging, rolling, and extrusion, is the basic means of production of semi-finished and finished titanium flanges. In

It's not, is it? You still don' know what's so great about 316L stainless steel?

What are the characteristics of 316L stainless steel? Advantages: excellent heat and corrosion resistance, good mechanical strength. 316L stainless steel

What are the factors affecting the price of titanium-shaped parts processing?

The vast majority of customers are concerned about the first thing that is always the price of the product, the

What is the difference between seamless steel pipe and seamed steel pipe?

In terms of process. Seamless pipe is rolled once, with round steel heating, piercing, hot rolling, sizing, and straightening production

The relationship between weld color and weld quality of titanium welding

Titanium is a very active chemical nature of the metal, at high temperatures to oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, and other gases

Characteristics and heat treatment process of titanium rods and titanium alloy rods

Titanium is very stable in the air at room temperature, when heated to 400 ~ 550 ��, it generates a

What are the precautions for seam defects when welding titanium tubes?

Titanium pipe welding seam defects are due to titanium pipe welding, because the argon arc welding gun formed by the

The application of titanium in the new industrial field

Titanium alloy is a relatively young metal, from being developed to now only six, seven decades of history, into the