Why do you like to use titanium for eyeglass frames nowadays?

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Titanium, an ultra-lightweight metal element, symbol Ti, titanium metal is used in the eyeglasses industry mainly for its lightweight, elasticity, and good corrosion resistance. However, the production cost of titanium and titanium alloy is very high, in terms of bending, stamping, cutting, and welding requirements are very high, not easy to weld and electroplate, welding must be carried out in a vacuum, so the price is more expensive.

The first way to identify a pure titanium eyeglass frame is: the hand feeling misses the amount method.

Usually, the specific gravity of the alloy frame is about 8.9g/cm3, and the specific gravity of a pure titanium frame is 4.5g/cm3, due to the weight of titanium material is equivalent to half of the alloy frame, pawing with the hand is relatively light. This is one of the easiest ways to distinguish between titanium frames and non-titanium frames.

The second way to identify a pure titanium eyeglass frame is: to observe the hinge combination, is there a shim?

Pure titanium frames in the hinge part should not make direct contact between titanium and titanium, otherwise, the joint is prone to wrinkling, and lens legs do not open and close the phenomenon. Usually inlay two thin shims in the hinge part of the pure titanium mirror, the upper and lower hinge will be divided. Therefore, checking the hinge with or without shims is also a good way to identify whether it is a pure titanium frame. From the inside of the frame to observe the hinge combination, you will find a small groove, which is designed to facilitate the removal of the shims.

The third way to identify pure titanium eyeglass frames is to observe the welding points of the nose rest stems and nose rest boxes!

The welding of pure titanium material is anaerobic touch welding, with weld marks for "step"; alloy material welding for spot welding, weld marks for "slope", which is one of the effective methods to distinguish titanium frame and non-titanium frame, full titanium and non-full titanium frame.

The fourth way to identify a pure titanium glass frame is a magnetic reaction with a magnet.

The hinge of the frame as loose as possible, in a free state of activity with a magnet to attract, such as the mirror leg in the magnet attraction shaking, that this frame is not pure titanium material, and vice versa, that the frame may be titanium frame.

The above is a simple way to identify a pure titanium eyeglasses frame, simply from the logo to determine whether the frame material is pure titanium is not enough, but also combine the above several methods for a comprehensive assessment, so as to identify the authenticity of pure titanium frames.

Generally speaking, pure titanium frames with 100% TITANIUM or PURE TITANIUM on the leg or lens logo; Beta Titanium frames with Beta Titanium or beta Titanium logo, different manufacturers in the writing slightly different. Pure titanium material made out of glass frame is quite beautiful, atmospheric, now most of them are titanium material, mainly because the pure titanium metal frame style is relatively business, the material is soft, and can not make the glasses more delicate, only the lines are relatively thick, in order to ensure stability and strength. Generally, pure titanium eyeglass frames are good to put in the eyeglass case when not worn to avoid pressure deformation.

So pure titanium glasses are good, I prefer β titanium, β titanium refers to the titanium material in the zero boundary point state of titanium delayed cooling to complete the β particles. So, β titanium is not a titanium alloy, it is just a titanium material in another molecular state, and the general so-called titanium alloy is not the same thing. It has better strength, fatigue resistance, and environmental corrosion resistance than pure titanium and other titanium alloys, and has good shape plasticity, which can be made into wires and thin plates, and is lighter and lighter. Customers with high requirements for style and weight can choose β titanium material eyeglasses completely because the processing process of β titanium is higher than pure titanium, generally, only the big factories and brands will produce, and the price is higher than pure titanium glasses.